Please see the DML tutorial (PDF) here.

Please see the instructions to download and run the stand-alone version of DML here.

Please see the DML Licence here.

Note: If you already have Java installed and still not able to lauch DML successfully, please go the link directly (Ubuntu users needs to do this, because of the bug that webstart cannot launch.) Please click on "Launch" and then Graphical user interface for DML appears.
Use the button Open to select the wget-scripts containing your data request.
Enter the target directory at the top of the window, e.g. /tmp
Click on the button "Transfer" to start transferring files.
You will be prompted for your ESG portal username and password.

Hint 1:If you have lots of files to download, you can accelerate the
downloading process to download files concurrently.
To do that use menu Preferences -> Concurrent Transfers to at most "10"
(even though it lets you choose higher numbers).
Hint 2:After transfer starts, you can see a summary status
of your file transfers when you open the file [inputfile]-status.txt in the $HOME/.dml/ directory.
Hint 3:If you want to save all the information on your DML
GUI including source and target URL of files, file sizes, and time
taken to transfer each file, use menu File -> Save or Save As.
If you use Save, it will save a file called [inputfile]-report.xml under the $HOME/.dml directory.
Hint 4:Under menu Tools there are options for using your GSI certificate, renewing proxy etc.
Hint 5:Ignore all other menu Operations and Options items. These are for advanced administrator functions.